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If you need patterns or want pictures email Bob at [email protected] It sure beat sitting through the winter feeling sorry for myself. This site says you can find any fabric available, and on it's home page says: "Welcome to the world's biggest Fabric and Textile Portal." . It is now sold, and the site aided me in that process.

(click picture to enlarge and read) ---(bet it's not his real name) suggests covering the old painting with Gesso instead of discarding one that you do not like. I have built several personal sites with this service, and have really enjoyed it. I have left the site online so I can go in to look at a home we enjoyed very much.) Site at Tripod.

This is really fun and satisfying when you see the beautiful finished product. And a couple other sites picked at random: Faux Stained Glass Supplies, Go to Google Search Page ( click "images" then search for faux stained glass and you will get hundreds of pictures. Available in the east at Big Lots, Ollies, Wal Mart. Draw or copy something on the canvas with your pencil, and paint it. I had foot surgery last year and had never painted a picture in my life. I have painted about 20 pictures, including some that my grandchildren love. A Senior can buy a great computer system for under 0, including a monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and printer. I'm going to build one of the very small setups to run around my fireplace mantel.

Our site has a recipes section, and we need a volunteer who would enjoy working with it as a hobby. Have your local hardware store cut glass to the exact size you need. (16" x 20" is a good size) , some acrylic paints, a set of painting brushes, a pencil. Lance's Model Railways This is something even today's grandchildren will get excited about.

I heard her sing it in Washington over 40 years ago, and have wanted it ever since. can have a new and less lonely world unfold before them. Seniors can chat live with children and grandchildren and friends. Seniors can save money online through comparison shopping, finding clearance sites, or saving on sales tax. Compliment them on their flowers, children, pets, grass, weeds----anything to get a conversation going. Before you know it those neighbors will be walking past your house looking to compliment Do you have a digital camera yet? Pick something that you want to specialize in, like say---doors in your community, or points of interest in your town.

(I just bought a set of fireplace gas logs for less than half price and they were shipped to me free from Home Depot Clearance Center) . Photograph close-ups of your flowers, friends, house.

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It also will cover an unwanted painting so the canvas can be used again. Search in Google for something like "free music downloads" or something like that. Also understand that copyright laws apply to some things you might want to download, so another caution must be raised on this issue. This will take you to another page, where you want to go to the box marked "free". Have you ever seen a bulb grow inside, or a potato? And she was a shy person who didn't make friends easily.

Here’s every major change survivors can expect to see when they play the game later today.

The changes mirror PS4 update 1.64 that released late last week. ARK: Survival Evolved update v771 finally released on Xbox One today with dozens of Dino TLC changes. ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, OS X and Linux.

A Marriage Made In Paradise - Genesis -25 God's Grace In The Fall - Genesis 3:1-24 The Achievements Of A Successful Father - Genesis 6:1-7 The Gospel In The Ship - Genesis -22 The Call To A Life Of Faith - Genesis -12:3 Abram's Commitment To A Life Of Faith - Genesis 12:4-9 The Truth About The Path To Egypt - Genesis -20 The Truth About The Road Back To Canaan - Genesis 13:1-4 Abram's Trouble With Lot - Genesis 13:5-13 God's Promise To Abram Renewed - Genesis -18 Abram: A Man Of Integrity - Genesis 14:1-24 Abram's Word From God - Genesis 15:1-6 Moving Toward Maturity - Genesis 15:7-21 That Trouble With Hagar - Genesis 16:1-16 The God Of The Everlasting Covenant - Genesis 17:1-27 The Three Sides Of A Man Named Abraham - Genesis 18:1-33 The Privileges Of The Godly Man - Genesis -19 Remembering Lot's Wife - Genesis 19:1-26; Luke Sin And The Saint Of God - Genesis 20:1-18 How To Enjoy The Rest Areas Of Life - Genesis -34 The Lamb On Mount Moriah - Genesis 22:1-14 On The Mountain Of Absolute Surrender - Genesis 22:1-14 The Trial Of Faith - Genesis 22:1-14 Standing Up From Before The Dead - Genesis 23:1-20 Abraham: Gathered To His People - Genesis 25:5-10 Just A Little Talk With Jesus - Genesis -32 God Has Something Special For You - Genesis 37:1-11 I Must Be Dreaming - Genesis 37:1-36 Winning Your Battle With Temptation - Genesis 39:1-23 How To Thrive In The Prisons Of Life - Genesis -23 Joseph: A Portrait Of The Glorified Christ - Genesis -57 The Judgment Seat Of Jacob - Genesis 49:1-12 A Coffin In Egypt - Genesis -26 Overcoming The Strange Pull Of Egypt - Exodus 1:7-14 Jochebed: A Portrait Of A Godly Mother - Exodus 2:1-10 God's Answers For Man's Excuses - Exodus 3:1-12 The Blessings Of A Redeemed People - Exodus 6:1-8 Another Night With The Frogs - Exodus 8:1-15 Just One More Night With The Frogs - Exodis 8:1-15 Lessons Learned At Life's Bitter Pools - Exodus -27 Are You Satisfied With God's Gift?

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  1. The Commissioners' reply was that out-relief must only be given in return for work, or if this was not practicable, then bread and soup could be distributed to those whom the Guardians had determined were truly destitute.