C form validating event not firing

You might want to incorporate WPF elements into your existing Windows Forms application (for example, a user control developed using WPF that takes advantage of specialized WPF behaviors in what is otherwise a Windows Forms application).

You can add preexisting WPF user controls to your Windows Forms project by using the in the online MSDN library.

The slickest, best-looking application is useless if it doesn’t do what the users need.

When creating applications for the desktop, today’s developer has two technologies to choose from: Windows Forms and WPF.

In this chapter, you will learn some of the important aspects of designing a Presentation layer.

While this allows for parts of the application to be parceled out and presented to the user as discrete functional units, it can also create a disjointed kind of user experience.

A more cohesive user experience is possible with Windows Forms using Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Forms.

Thus, if the look and feel of the application must change according to conditions on a particular client desktop, considerable coding will be required.

However, Windows Forms do provide excellent support for localization and globalization.

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