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Discriminant function analysis of cranial measurements (Ousley and Jantz 1996) also suggested male sex.The extent of cranial suture closure, antemortem tooth loss, and age-related changes in tooth structure suggested a relatively old age at death.Marcus du Sautoy, a professor of mathematics at Oxford University, said the manuscript shows Indians were using the concept of zero long before other civilisations."[The Bakhshali manuscript] isn't theoretical text.It seems to be a practical document being used by merchants to do calculations," Professor du Sautoy said."I'm absolutely staggered to find this is way earlier.These areas did not show obvious signs of recent fracture, but it could not be determined if the damage was peri- or postmortem.However, the coloration of the broken margin of the right zygomatic suggested relatively recent fracture.And now as we confront quantum theories, we face really deep questions of can a space have absolutely nothing in it?A disarticulated cranium and mandible partially encased in an extremely hard plastic material were discovered in a riverbed in Pennsylvania.

The resources of the Smithsonian Institution’s Vertebrate Paleontology Preparation Laboratory were drawn upon to remove the plastic atrix with a pneumatic scribe.Inscribed on 70 pieces of birch bark, the Bakhshali manuscript contains hundreds of zeroes, and was first found by a farmer in 1881 in what is now Pakistan, before being taken to the UK.It is particularly significant because it is only in India that the symbol, conveyed as a black dot, developed into a number in its own right — the hollow circle we use today.We're talking about, having carbon dated this, this manuscript is between 200 and 400 AD.""But the creation of zero as a number in its own right, which evolved from the placeholder dot symbol found in the Bakhshali manuscript, was one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of mathematics."Adam Spencer, the University of Sydney's mathematics ambassador, said zero historically has filled two roles — as a numerical symbol and as a mathematical concept."Historically in mathematics, these are two quite different things.Zero as a symbol, how do you write 37 and 3,007 as different numbers," Mr Spencer said."Some civilisations didn't have a symbol, they just left a space.Numerous teeth were missing both ante- and postmortem.The general robusticity of the remains, especially the large supraorbital ridges, suggested male sex.The bone was well preserved with no soft tissue or hair present.The posterior portion of the left ramus of the mandible and the bones of the right cheek area were missing.Inside the metal bucket was a smaller, white plastic bucket containing a human skull partially embedded in a gray plastic material.The recovered objects were taken to the local medical examiner to have the skull removed from the plastic matrix and to be analyzed.

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