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Although I am really sorry they didn't televise THE KING AND I -- especially because they usually televise those shows at the end or after the end of the run, so it probably would have been Marin Mazzie as Anna, and she was great in the part. Kelly did return for the broadcast of that one, but not for LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA, so it's not certain she would have or could have returned for THE KING AND I. It seems to me that no one seems to know, or is willing to tell, either way. He's still handsome, of course, but age does get us all.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha*Dude*, actors live for two things- money and recognition.

Awards fall squarely under the 2nd category.[quote] A Tony does bring extra money.

When they begin a new show and the producer can put in the advertising "Starring Tony Award Winner..." that equates to extra that a good agent can negotiate with. Richard Mc Cabe, Roger Robinson, Scott Wise, Owen Teale, Lena Hall, Anne Duquesnay, Karen Ziemba, Gretha Boston, Daisy Eagan, Michelle Pawk, Marie Mullen, Deanna Dunagan, Hinton Battle, etc. Whoever called her a soccer mom wedding singer was exactly right. Seems I want to stand up for what’s right versus what is right for their pockets. I’d have been in these trenches fighting with/without fame. End of story.'R111 Christ, I scrolled through a few tweets, the crazy is strong.

The story comes through and you're not bombarded with the musical numbers. Matt Boner's main function is to open the show by showing his ass and walking around in his underwear.

The larger the production, the characters get lost as they just really over expand the musical numbers, even the ones that don't need to be.[quote] I noticed Ashley Day liking an instagram post about Broadway Bares by Jerry Mitchell. But this again only makes it seem as if he's supposed to be a trophy boy when that's not actually who the character is.

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