Dating a meth addict senior dating sites arlington va

This post also comes off as you taking care of him, and he gets to choose when he does drugs, and when he can be emotionally open with you.

Even if you wanted to help him you are not in the position to do so.

I was really proud of him and was the best time I had spent with him since we started dating.

Unfortunately he had a relapse during last week and I found out he slept with someone else on the weekend while he was high.

He needs someone to give him the space and opportunity to get clean not love or emotional support, that he needs to build for himself and conquer his own demons.

When I got clean I left my gf who was also addicted to meth and went home to the parents who gave me shelter and time but we never once talked about my addiction that was my battle but being able to wake up in the morning and having food in the fridge and knowing that if I wasn't making enough money to get by I wasn't stressed and turning to meth. Ex-meth head, spent most of my life around the fringed of meth culture. Sticking around will not help him get better, it will only excuse his inexcusable actions.

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