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in the city and in nature, is key to a flourishing parkour experience.

The best way to show your support for parkour in New Zealand is by becoming a financial member.Parkour is a primarily non-competitive discipline and philosophy where practitioners adapt their movement to overcome physical obstacles in their environment.It is an empowering and diverse activity with several different schools of practice. Art du Déplacement (ADD) is the original French name for the practice, dating back to the late 80’s.Consider the context of your desired training location as some areas may only be suitable during daylight hours, or only suitable outside of work hours.Prior to any training, test the obstacles to ensure they are robust and can withstand the type of movements you intend.Also check the surfaces to see if your hands, shoes, or feet have enough grip.Avoid training on slippery surfaces if you are unprepared for them.Parkour is, of course, a dynamic physical activity and thus injuries are possible.It is, however, a ‘challenge by choice’ activity, i.e.When training outdoors, there are several ideas and strategies that practitioners should consider: Part of being a capable practitioner and having good training experiences is knowing where to train.Some of the most popular training locations are areas that provide a lot of variety – heights, distances, terrain, textures, materials, etc.

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