Dating for ivy leaguers How to post pics on isexychat

But according to the survey quoted in that same Times article, 20% of female students and 25% of male students have “hooked up” with 10 or more people. But wait — 10 or more people over the course of four years in college? Moreover, the definition of spanned from kissing to intercourse.Of those women and men who had hooked up with 10 or more people, only 40% of those instances involved sex.(MORE: Looking for Love: College Students May Prefer Relationship Sex to Casual Hookups) So let’s look at the three biggest misconceptions about college kids and sex: 1.College students are choosing random hookups over meaningful relationships.

Thanks to all the media hype, students themselves vastly overestimate how much hooking up is going on at their school.

That doesn’t mean they have to be Ivy graduates or work for a big-name firm.

But they should have accomplished something in their 20s.”Yeah, by that standard, I probably wouldn’t have even qualified. Well, I am an Ivy League grad but I have never seen it as something special.

And, while there is nothing necessarily wrong with it, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

This article is about young women, college and sex.

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