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Many men we spoke to reported questioning women’s motivations.When dating a Thai, they tended to ask themselves if they were together because of chemistry or because she liked his (relatively) big paycheck and the status of having a foreigner on her arm. ”He referenced a book he saw in a mall bookstore written for Thai women and foreign men who plan to get married.Grown Thai woman sometimes do like to receive stuffed animals as gifts and feel loved by being sent stickers over LINE all day long.Steven reported going on a few dates with a 25-year-old that had never kissed anyone — and that’s not that uncommon if you go for a non-Westernized girl.“Family is more important and traditional in Thailand,” explained David.There are many older white men with hot, young disheveled women there who are obviously out in last night’s clothes. He knows a bit about the difficulties of dating in Thailand and has been friendly with many older foreign guys that date younger Thai women.

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Wherever the Thai family though, you can trust that they are very important to a Thai woman.”Said Greg: “Guys can enter relationships not fully appreciating what’s expected of them.“This insecurity — although perhaps understandable, as Thailand has some of the highest infidelity rates in the world — is destructive and leads to resentment.It’s only in recent months that my girlfriend has begun to cool on her line of questioning, but she still has her moments.”David, the reality TV star, also mentioned humor and entertainment as culture clashes.” Thompson, who is African-American, recalled being with another black guy at a recent art event and having two white women make a beeline for them to chat.“Farang women that would never look at you twice at home move here and, all of a sudden, they are super open,” he said.I’m not going to let the thoughts of people on the street affect who I actually fall in love with,” he said. Steven, 41, a British journalist, reports feeling angry when he sees his countrymen behaving in ways they wouldn’t dare to at home.On a recent night at a popular outdoor food court, he couldn’t stop flashing death stares at an oblivious table of three average white Englishmen in their mid-50s eating dinner with a Thai girl with pink hair and tattoos that appeared to be under 18 and the girlfriend of one of the men. Apparently, most lowered their standards when they moved here so you just might pull a girl that would be beyond your reach at home.Many of our interviewees talked about how perception puts a damper on dating.From Thais on the street who look at them like they are sex pests to being lumped together with every other foreign guy on a grand two-week vacation in Pattaya — guys feel judged.“I feel like people judge you when you’re out with your Thai girl.

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