Dating matchmaker for 13 to 18 yr olds

Is it bad that his friends didn't notice him disappearing? Severus thinks he's a fool, but Harry just thinks Severus is an old fart.Because, honestly, Sev' probably lives in some ridiculous era like the 1800's.I'm sorry to say that I can not post anywhere my schedule for releasing chapters as I have seen others do, but I just don't know when they shall come. I will say that I have never left a tale undone to date.I would like to take a moment and thank all my helpers.There are a few that are not and they should be very obvious.

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What he hadn't expected was Harry had had the same thought in mind. A sequel to World in Pieces and "Inside View." COMPLETE. In the morning Harry has the final exam of his teacher training. Luckily, there's someone he can rely on to settle him. Voldemort has returned, and before too long Harry's marriage may determine the world's fate.He has worked out the perfect disguise to become unrecognizable to his friend and everything goes according to plan, until feelings get in the way. This person I shall work with." The Choosing itself is simple. Those at the Burrow are celebrating happily when Percy Weasley shows up with Rufus Scrimgeour in tow. In response to marthapreston4's "From Boggarts to Family" challenge: "After Lupin's class where Neville's Boggart turns into Severus Snape everyone laughs it off as childish fear, everyone but Snape.But as is the way of Magick, the simplest Rituals are often the most powerful. However, the Minister isn't the only person he's brought with him… *cackle* One-shot/Prompt/Bunny Killer - may expand later. He slowly realizes that there is more to Neville's fear than just a mean teacher.I know that you all appreciate their efforts to making the stories flow nicely, have better grammar and such.They even prompt me to give better descriptions on rare occasions, and most importantly they don't let me skimp on the endings. *Her hands gesture to the small wood paneled office.There are plants hanging from the ceiling and in large pots near the door.This is a story that started out as an attempt to fit a moppet's preferences into a plot that I could write.It has grown, but not in the direction originally requested. Harry Potter hasn't had a good night's sleep since the war. They find they may be the answer to each other's problems, the help the other needs, and that… "8th yr" HP/SSPetunia Dursley is cleaning the attic and finds a previously unknown copy of Lily's will.[Also on AO3 - Harry is an unreliable narrator - Ghost! death as such, years after the last battle, one-shot, complete.)HPSS, one-sided SSOMC.Severus - Light Slash - No Voldy - Harry was raised normally]Harry learns that a muggle scientist he happen to like has died. Harry Potter is hopelessly jealous of Kallen Ryorth, who seems to be effortlessly capturing the attention of Headmaster Snape. Harry feels compelled to let him just go ahead and do what he wants to.

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