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Many rapes go unreported as the victim fears she will become worthless in Pakistani society.

Often, women will turn to their employers; families they can trust.

All he did is ask for forgiveness and they let him go as it was best to avoid having others find out what had happened. In the homes where I worked, I was responsible taking care of the children; getting them ready, feeding them and playing with them. At the moment, we live in Karachi in a small home with one room and the floor is broken.

He didn't receive any punishment even though he ruined me. Whenever I would visit my parents, either I would witness abusive arguments between them or something far more disturbing.

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After his first time sexually abusing me, every night I slept in my home in fear. She is aware of what happens in my home and I know I can trust her.

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She leaves home for work at 8 am and only returns at midnight.

In interviews, which I have translated, edited, and condensed below, they told me about their lives and struggles within a cycle of poverty and, often times, violence.

Every poor girl wishes for more education, for the opportunity to learn and go to school; for a childhood. The day my brother was born was bittersweet; I was no longer allowed to go to school.

Brides-to-be wait during a mass wedding ceremony in Karachi.

Reuters According to a 2011 poll of experts by the Thomson Reuters Foundation Poll, Pakistan is the third most dangerous country for women in the world.

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