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love, a fellow trans kid July 04, 2017 Drew Hi, I'm 15 and transgender and do a fairly good job binding and don't feel much dysphoria, but recently, I've been having trouble.I'm prefectly in between the small size and medium size binders on GC2B.Currently, I've been using a tank top under, but it's not that comfortable.

They're quite dense but I'm really not wanting to pay for surgery.January 03, 2018 Hello You might want to wear a really good sports bra/binder, use tape casually?????(idk how that works), or maybe even have surgery if it is negatively affecting your life...My weight is 53 kg n I have normal body not much fat and not much thin but my breast size is very high.. When I was younger (junior high through high school) I had even bigger breast size. Has anyone found any exercises that could or would help me out in any way? I am confused because that differnce makes my cup size D April 02, 2017 Mili I'm 22 year old girl , my figure overall good my breast size much bigger ,i take daily green tea but no affect my breast size it may br dense problem,i don't want to surgery buy u can guve ne nayural advice because it's very pain full so plz hrlp me!!!!!I cant fit any cloth for me and people are starring at me.. I want to reduce my size perfectly so everyone not look at just my breast ..please please help me I dont want to do any surgery.. August 20, 2017 Tatyana This is literally me, except I’m 5ft. I want to know how you managed to drop down to 90lbs. If you find any good exercises or anything let me know. The question is would it be a permanent solution, or would just give me growing (when I stop using it) and shrinking (when I am using it) breasts with ache and chest hair? February 18, 2017 priya Chat conversation start 84 people like this Community SAT hi madam i am priya i am 24 years old i am fully depressed with my heavy breast i want to wear diffrent diffrent dresses but i cant because of this heavy breast and my friends also commenting please help me madam to reduce size finally i decided to for surgery but i dont know is it safe or not no one is there for me to suggest even my mom also dont know i am facing so many problem due to this heavy brest plese suggest me i am from india am unmarried February 06, 2017 Leona Heya, I'm 12 and transsexual. i'm 16 and a transgender boy, so i hope an answer from someone with similar problems helps!You could possibly lose as much as a half cup or a full cup size after you go on one of these weight loss plans here or if you just use the best weight loss plan for women and to prevent your breast from sagging as you lose weight…You should do these breast firming exercises here to prevent your breast from sagging but…If you're not overweight and you still want to reduce your breast size…You may have to actually have surgery to reduce your breast size because you probably have more DENSE breast tissue than FATTY breast tissue and Since dense breast tissue is not fatty tissue…Idea New Caller Tone Honey Bunny it is being spreading like wild fire Most of the users are Loving it and some hate too.If you are Idea User Then you can Activate Honey Bunny Caller Tone for Free.You need to talk to a good therapist and possibly get on an antidressant. I can show you some cases where sexual transformations went horribly wrong. you can use sports bras, or even double them up to make your chest smaller.binders can be expensive and you might still be growing, so i dont recommend that right now.

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