Intimidating name generator

I’m a big fan of doing things one time, and having one version that controls many reports is extremely appealing.In fact, this topic was my first blog on Power BI so long ago (here for those feeling nostalgic).

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That being said, lets dive into the details of what a centralized model gives us, and the pros & cons of the Power BI Live Connection. The expectation is that you are doing all the data mashup / ETL and modeling behind the scenes and as such, these features are all removed.

Hands down the benefit to the model / live connection is that I can build a central model that supports a vast number of reports.

This streamlines development, lowers the time to implement changes across all reports from IT and centralizes calculations so that all parties are using the same metrics.

This post won’t go into details because there is a myriad of options out there and the number of options increase exponentially when you start comparing Azure to on-premises.

Suffice to say, you’re looking at a much heftier investment regardless.

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