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Genius level intellect, second only to Reed Richards combined with an unending lust to accumulate power from science and magic; he is earth's foremost modern alchemist with a ruthless attitude toward his enemies.4) Tyrant.Almost on par with Galactus in power..a very nasty attitude. The Hulks-Immense strength that can grow based on certain factors 5. I think even some superheroes are intimidated by Frank. Wolverine-The idea of one of the most skilled fighters in the Marvel Universe being almost impossible to kill and having claws that cut through virtually anything is very intimidating. Sentry-He's so powerful that he's afraid of himself.In my opinion, DC's equivalent to Thanos in power.10) The Void. Power on par with the likes of Thor and the Silver Surfer, the Void has a rather callous attitude life in general. Once broke every bone in the Hulk's body.honorable mention from me for Butcher. He's so intimidating his enemies, the most powerful people and super-powered people on his planet, his friends, team mates and family give pause to whether they should cross him or not, much less do anything that would put them in his sights.1. batman is the most intimidating, because you know he wont kill you...

According to research wizard "Numbers" Riktor, who meticulously counted them, there are, or were at the time of counting, 49,873 visible stars in the Discworld heavens.

With strength at least equal to a very pissed off Hulk, far greater durability, control over the weather and one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe, this guy has struck fear in the heart of many of his opponents.7) Doomsday. He'll make your favorite villain cry or purposely cripple him. Namor-Not only is he strong but his thoughts are often irrational and he lashes out. A purely silver guy on a surfboard is NOT intimidating.

A clever spin-off of the Marvel's Hulk, this character can adapt to virtually any and everything any superhero can throw at him and relentlessly keep coming. A guy with long blonde hair and a giant hammer is NOT intimidating.

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When opening UE4 for the first time, a common question is "Where do I even get started with making a game?

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