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Which means they’re comfortable for readers, but they’re still able to stand out!Emoticons still have a powerful impact on a desktop level – as you’ll see next – but as more and more email users switch to mobile platform, it’s time to take advantage of that.And, as a control group, he ran the same experiment with a non-animated emoticon too.After 70 hours he checked to see how the unique open rate had changed.For example, here are some highly relevant subject lines: But there isn’t enough conclusive data for me out there to tell you whether that is, or isn’t, a good strategy right now. But there’s another subject I need to cover before I do. Your mailing list is different to every other mailing list out there.Nobody reading (or writing) this article has the same mailing list as you. There’s also the case for the mailing list service you use.

And research from Flinders University in Australia has shown that people respond to Emoticons in the same way they would with a human face. Let’s take a look at a real world example we can all understand: Dating.What I’m really saying here is that you need to test everything you do and see how the audience reacts.Here are some test ideas that are worth starting with: There are hundreds of other variations too.So, by popular demand, here’s the ultimate guide to using emoticons in your emails…This is by far the most comprehensive guide on emoticons for email. Emoticons are powerful for a few reasons: They’re processed by the brain 60,000x faster than words are.And, I researched every piece of content cited in this article for it there too.Because, well…I forgot to bring my laptop charger to the coffee shop.And, when people are more likely to invest time in people they like, this is a powerful weapon in your arsenal. In 2014 alone, 65% of people used their mobile phone to access their emails.And, as of this year, 80% of people are using their smartphone to search the internet.That means they’re more personal, and they create more emotion. In a study by, they found users who used emoticons for email messages had more s** than those who didn’t.In fact, the more emoticons they used, the more s** they had: Than when you send a standard text-only message.

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