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The text of the statement quotes brigade general Jonatan Brag: «colaition does not justify any agreements which help DAESH terrorists to leave Raqqa escaping justice, but the Americans save civilians in such a way who are still threated greately by the terrorists».But why when coalition planes have been bombing the city into the dust for 4 months Pentagon was not bothered by civilians’ lives.Now if we were applying for a job, jury duty, or being cross examined in a court of law in this country, these would be considered very important issues.So important, that they would decide for or against in your favor.When media reported the news colonel Rian Dillon, speaker of «Inherent Resolve» operation declared that «after more than 4 months of operations, Raqqa is more than 90% cleared».But we should definitely wait for the third or may be fourth liberation of the city.

SDF report that there are a lot of city quarters waiting to be liberated. The operation lasts quite long, number of «liberated» territories were controlled by terrorist quite nominally, and the US-controlled thugs have already left the city.Virtual victory: Raqqa is liberated agaian bit it’s no more than wishful thinking.Americans and the kurds have «liberated» Raqqa again, for the second time in two weeks. Where has he been and why, all of sudden, is he running for president?This can actually be said for both candidates; however, only one of these candidates has a very shady past and alliances that are more than questionable.I have watched both sides volley protest back and forth about these issues, or as some have referred to them as “distractions”.Let’s bring a few things to the table and take a look at them objectively: character and judgment.While the liberation of the American people by the Iraqi Army is not yet complete, the most moving and perhaps enduring image so far is that of ordinary New Yorkers coming together to tear down a statue of Trump outside his Trump Tower building.Joyous, tear-laden chants of ‘down with Trump’ were heard on the streets for hours afterwards.Arab and English-speaking social medie were stirred greatly by the fact of release, there have even been photos of white buses which carried hundreds of killers away from the fallen city.October 14 2017 official web-sity of «Inherent Resolve» operation published a statement: «Vehicles convoy departs from Raqqa October 14 under agreement with Raqqa Civil Council and local Arab trial elders» (

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