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Such assumptions can have physical as well as emotional repercussions.

And sometimes, it takes a hands-on guide to correct those assumptions.

Sexual trauma isn't necessarily rooted in one particular extreme experience, but often arises in response to the accumulated pressures of modern life, she explains.

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Primal energy is often difficult to tap into, particularly because desire and shame run hand-in-hand.

They provide a truly unique space: an opportunity to explore intimacy without the additional concerns that arise in romantic partnerships.

This can include intercourse with their clients — but you should look elsewhere if you're looking for a fast ride to a happy ending.

When Kai Wu was stuck in an unsatisfying romantic relationship, she began having physical, as well as emotional pain — particularly in her pelvis.

It was an ache that was difficult to ascribe to anything in particular — she hadn't pulled any muscles she could think of, but the pain was strong.

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