Information on Company
TRIAL-PACK & Co. LTD. was created in January 2000 in Moscow to deliver micro- and corrugated board package - making machinery to the market of Russia and CIS countries. We are members of non-commercial partnership Packing Initiatives - an assign of Agricultural Industrial Package Co. Ltd.. At present day TRIAL-PACK & Co. LTD. is an exclusive dealer of Chinese company DONGFANG that manufactures the corrugated package - making equipment  as well as a dealer of other Chinese, Taiwanese and Turkish producers of machinery intended for manufacturing of corrugated board and package made from it. TRIAL-PACK & Co. LTD. is a member of Trial Co. group (including: Trial Ltd. - Azerbaijan concerned with polygraphy and packing, Trial Makina - Turkey concerned with sale of package equipment from the South-East Asia to the Middle East and Turkey as well as specialized additives for paper industry to Russia and Ukraine, Trial-Pack & Co., Moscow, concerned with sale of micro- and corrugated board - making machinery and papermaking machines, Trial-Mash, Moscow region, concerned with production of corrugated package - making equipment, Trial-Upack, Ltd., Moscow region, concerned with a production cycle from paper recycling to corrugated boxes manufacturing,  Trial Trading Co. Ltd - China concerned with machinery delivery to Turkey and CIS countries). The leading producers of corrugated package in Russia and CIS countries, namely: Stock Company Ltd ANKORA, St. Petersburg; Open Corporation TAROUPAKOVKA, Cheboksary; Close Corporation TARA, Bolotnoye, Novosibirsk region; Open Corporation Caluga Experimental Plant, Caluga; Stock Company Ltd Gambit, Rossosh, Voronezh region; Stock Company Ltd  YAROSLAVSKY KARTON, Yaroslavl; Open Corporation KARTONTARA, Moscow; Stock Company Ltd KURS, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region; Stock Company Ltd TARASERVIS, Novosibirsk, and other large-scale enterprises of packing industry in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are the customers of Trial-Pack Co. Ltd.
During  2001 - 2005 the Trial-Pack Co. Ltd specialists carried out delivery and installation of vapor corrugators 1400 mm - 2500 mm wide and a full complete set of optional equipment for production of corrugated packaging at the new corrugated plants: 
1. Stock Company Ltd Barents-Pack, Murmansk,
2. Stock Company Ltd. LIPETSK-PACK, Lipetsk,
3. Stock Company Ltd VERESK-1, Arkhangelsk,
4.Production and commercial company SADKO, Krasnodar Territory,
5. Open Corporation KAZAKHSTAN KAGAZY, Almaty,
6. Stock Company Ltd Upper Volga corrugated board industrial complex, Pereslavl-Zaleski, Yaroslavl region,
7. Stock Company Ltd PACKING SERVICE, Shchelkovo, Moscow region, 8. Company ARTEMAKS, Sergiev Posad, Moscow region,
9. Stock Company Ltd ASSOL, Lebedyan, Lipetsk region,
10. Stock Company Ltd ARKADA, Smolensk,
11. Stock Company Ltd Gofrokarton, Belgorod,
12. Stock Company Ltd Nizhkarton, Nizhni Novgorod,
13. Stock Company Ltd Apolinary, Armavir, Krasnodar Territory. 
At present time the following new corrugated plants are under construction: at the
Stock Company Ltd. Trial-Upack in Zaprudnya village, Moscow region, where there will be organized a training center for technologists and operators of corrugated production (start-up - January, 2006, official opening of a plant - 7 April, 2006), and at the Stock Company Ltd. Assol, Lebedyan, Lipetsk region, where magnifying capacity of the corrugated plant is considered up to 6 million square meters per a month (start-up - July, 2006). Furthermore, negotiations on construction of new corrugated plants in Bashkiria, Ural and Central Part of Russia are in progress. In March 2003 the reconstructed used paper-making machine of KRAFT Company intended for production of paper for corrugating and board for flat layers of corrugated board 2,100 mm wide with a capacity of 18,000 t / year was put into operation in Donetsk (Ukraine). 
At present time our company is developing a technical assignment on turn-key delivery of a new board-making machine with a capacity of 100 t / day for production of paper for corrugating and board for flat layers of corrugated board made of waste paper for
Open Corporation TAROUPAKOVKA, Cheboksary.
One of our departments of the Stock Company Ltd. Trial-Mash in conjunction with the Italian after-sales service company is involved in the production of corrugated packaging machinery. The most critical assemblies and parts, such as halftone and rubber rolls, toothed belts, feed rollers and other electric, electronic and pneumatic utility are purchased from the leading producers of Europe. Manufacturing of the large-scale and metal-consuming assemblies, such as beds, shafts, gears, etc., is carried out at the factories of Russia having the international certificate ISO 9001. Application of the-state-of-the-art technologies in joining shaft and gear guaranteed a print register of up to 0.35 mm. Warranty period for this equipment is equal to 3 years. At the exhibition ROSUPACK-2004 there was first demonstrated an automatic four-color flexo-printer slotter NL 1024 of Stock Company Ltd. Trial-Mash production with a capacity of 12,000 boxes / hour. 2 units of NL 1024 equipment with two- and three-color flexo-printing have been already delivered to a new corrugated plant - Stock Company Ltd. Faeton, Moscow region. The Trial-Pack Co. Ltd employees are the leading specialists in the field of paper industry with a big standing, who were offered work from other enterprises.