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A Kurdish refugee had his home firebombed and Lithuanian Dainius Kigas was murdered in nearby Wisbech.

Race relations have improved since then and the new, Eastern European arrivals who are here legally are respected for their desire to work hard and earn money for their families.

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It is stretched to breaking point as unprecedented numbers of Eastern European migrants pour in, attracted by the prospect of good housing, schools and plentiful agricultural work nearby.Understanding Autism - A guide for Secondary School Teachers Would you like to be notified when new workshops are posted to our website?Join our E-News list so you can receive regular news, information and announcements via email from our chapter, including notice of upcoming workshops. Autism Awareness Autism Registry Events Funding Fundraising Membership Potential Programme Recreation Respite Reading Resources Scholarships Services Sibling Support Social Skills Special Education Tax Info Teens & Adults Volunteer Workshops Young Adult Social Group Online Store E-News/Nouvelles Our Work Resources for Families Education Advocacy Resources 2017 Education Symposium SEAC Summer and March Break Funding Scholarships Adults With ASD Employment Provincial Fundraising Events RDSP Ontario Honours Publications Research Login Facilitator Training: Children’s Friendship Training (CFT) Various dates based on location from am – pm Interested in facilitating a Children’s Friendship Training Group? Being Social At Work Workshop May 3rd, 2017 from 6-9pm Presenter : Sarah Southey, MSW, RSWEmployment and Life Skills Coach Join us for an interactive workshop in which the following topics will be covered: how to manage an interview, dealing with small talk, connecting with colleagues/peers, managing conflict, common workplace challenges, interacting with people in seniority positions, social work functions, hidden rules, work accommodations that can help navigate the social and so much more!Facilitator training covers the following key topics of CFT: Conversational skills, How to make a good first impression, How to “play detective” to find common interests, How to join a group of kids at play, How to handle rejection, teasing and bullying, How to be a good host on a play date, How to be a good winner, How to be a good sport, How to show respect to adults. • Henson Trust/ Power of Attorney Info Session May 29th/June 6th, 2017 Come and join us for an information session seminar on Henson Trust Funds and Power Of Attorney. This workshop is ideal for young adults that relate to Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism and who are currently working or planning on joining the workforce in the near future. Disorder with Bill Nason We were thrilled to have Bill Nason present at this comprehensive and inspiring workshop.But residents fear the estimated 16,000 migrants who have moved to the area since the expansion of the EU in 2004 have placed an impossible strain on their local resources.A police authority report, The Changing Demography of Cambridgeshire, estimated that new communities accounted for 64 per cent of Peterborough's overall population growth and 73 per cent of growth in Cambridgeshire as a whole. And – like any city where different communities live cheek-by-jowl – there have been problems.My son's teacher learned so much that his behaviours make sense to her now. He really talked a lot about how a child on the Autism Spectrum cannot begin to change behaviour until they feel safe and accepted and have a nervous system that is regulated.She also took away sensory best practices to implement in the school for neurotypical children too to help the focus and be ready to learn! He ran the workshop like a discussion which made it interesting as I could also learn from other’s experiences.In 2004 groups of Pakistani residents clashed with Afghan and Iraqi asylum-seekers in running street battles which saw cars and houses set alight and windows smashed.Up to 200 youths went on the rampage and police officers from across the county were drafted in to separate the warring factions.

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