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And speaking about his reasons for taking on the role, Ricky admitted he wanted to “normalize” relationships like that of Gianni and Antonio.“It’s good for the world; it’s good for me as a gay man with kids,” he explained.“It’s important that we shed some light on power couples like this, even though he was quiet and behind the scenes and he was just there supporting his man for 15 years. I remember when the rumors were swirling that Latin pop star Ricky Martin was “Livin’ la Vida Loca” with guys and gals soon after his 1999 song hit big. He certainly had a flurry of hot, sexy ladies around him at the time. He could really sway those hips, he flashed the sexiest eyes, he knew how to purse those kissable lips, and he simply could make everyone swoon.He was canoodling with social butterfly Gabriela Sabatini, Mexican TV hostess Rebecca de Alba, Latvian model Ines Missan, and stylist Maital Saban, and he had a longtime girlfriend, actress Adriana Biega.

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She knew I was gay, but we were together.“She knew and we were together.

Now the tease is telling Mexican magazine that he could be into sex with women again.

He’s saying, “I know that I like both men and women, I’m against sexual labels, we are simply human beings with emotional and sexual needs.

It’s kind of a reverse down low (the up high, perhaps? The other thing about bisexuality is that it depends on a self-identity. I never lied when I told her it felt amazing.” Then, Ricky added, “And I'm sure I'm not the only gay man that felt attraction towards women.” I’ve always said, if you walk like a duck and quack like a duck, you’re a duck. And, you’re the most handsome 44-year-old bisexual duck I’ve ever seen.

That means you may call yourself anything you want, Ricky, but if you’re still attracted to women and you prefer to love men, that means you’re bisexual. “I was confused because when I was with a woman everything was perfect. He recognized his attraction to men at a young age.

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