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As in real life, these individuals are a small minority of the online population, but they do exist.Anyone choosing to go down the path of online dating should do so with his or her eyes fully open.There are also a number of online resources for people who run into trouble with online dating. Though online dating absolutely requires you to be on guard and not be lead around solely by your emotions, using the Internet to meet and date holds the potential for a fun, fulfilling, and even game-changing outcome.The more honest you are about your appearance, what you enjoy, and the kind of relationship you want, the more likely you are to quickly find the person you seek.In addition to this proviso, my advice basically boiled down to the following: That last bit-safety-is the focus of this week’s blog.After all, it’s no secret that there are some nefarious individuals lurking on Internet dating and hookup sites and apps, searching for all sorts of potential victims.I'm looking for fun, not cultivating a relationship.My job is my life and I would like to meet someone with whom I can occasionally meet up with for sex and light-hearted conversation.

* More on Introductions * How To Be An Interesting Conversationalist: The Concept of Free Information * Establish Conversational Balance, Equality, and Intimacy * How personal/intimate is the topic * Establish Trust: Trust and Responsible Behavior Begets Trust * Are You Compatible Giving and Receiving Basic Information * Variables Affecting the Success of Any Relationship * Develop (And Practice) a Brief Meeting People Strategy * Asking Questions Effectively * Conversational Styles * Characteristics of intimate conversations * Drawing Your Partners Feelings Out * Romantic Conversations * Controversial Topics and Intimacy * Continuing A Successful Conversation: Develop your Internal Observer * Revealing Potentially Embarrassing Information * What If You Want to Date Someone Who Has a Lot More Experience than You * What To Do When You Can’t Think of Anything To Talk About * How to Win Friends, Influence People, and be Loved By Women: Empathetic Listening Skills * Empathetic Listening Skills as Conversation Generators * Non-Verbal Communication: Using Body Language to Build Closeness * The Importance of Physical Attractiveness * Problems With Your Physical Appearance * Physical Illnesses, Disability, or Similar Problems * Issues Related To Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) * Mild to Moderate Psychological Problems * Problems That Almost Always Destroy Relationships * The pace of the relationship.The good news is that, provided you take some simple steps to protect yourself, dating online presents no more potential harm than meeting a stranger on the barstool next to you.And there are a number of precautions, listed below, that you can take to protect yourself and/or pass along to others who are putting themselves out there in cyberspace.And this projection of fantasies and needs onto a neutral or encouraging image is exactly what Internet predators rely on to take advantage of vulnerable people! Dating site villains essentially fall into two main categories: sexual predators and financial scammers.The sexual predators woo their potential victims with romantic chats and instant messaging, encouraging emotional dependency while pretending to be their victim’s “perfect match.” Through an intricate web of lies they build relationship trust before they suggest meeting in person.If you’re looking for a hookup, try Skout or Blendr (for straight men and women), Grindr (for gay men), or Pink Cupid (for lesbians).If you’re already in a committed relationship and you’re looking for an extramarital hookup, Ashley Madison is the place.Finally, when the victim is hooked, they spring their trap by convincing the vulnerable person (of either gender) to meet them at their home or in some remote setting.Sadly, many individuals lured into such situations will not report an experience gone bad.Many romance scam perpetrators operate out of foreign countries, particularly West Africa, with Nigeria and Ghana the epicenter of such behavior.Russia and the Philippines are other popular dating scammer locales.

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