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The first is dedicated to the memory of a child – Neil Alfred Taylor, son of Alfred and Mable Taylor of Prescot.Neil Alfred Taylor was born on 30th October and baptised on 6th November 1932.Welcome to the web site of Prescot Parish Church - An ancient place of beauty, set apart for the worship of God and the coming together of his people.- "To seek to discern God's will for all the work and worship of our Parish.Placed at the top of a long staff, the cross is held high, so that it can be seen clearly as a Christian sign and symbol, as the procession passes by.

This Latin cross rests on a silver ‘cuplike’ holder and underneath, inscribed on a band around the carrying staff: “1973 - In Loving Memory of Ada Grimshaw obit 24th September 1972”.At the foot of the cross, which joins the carrying staff, are two scroll like circles, carved with fruit of the vine and acanthus leaves.Beneath this, is a brass circlet around the staff, inscribed with the name, age, birth and date of death of Neil Alfred Taylor.The cross is clipped to the east wall of the north aisle, just to the left of the organ pipes.The significance of the oak tree, acorns, and oak leaves goes back in antiquity.During the Civil Wars in England (1642-1651) the Puritans were very much opposed to items considered to be of an ‘idolatrous nature’ and many of these crosses were destroyed.Prescot Church has two carrying crosses – each completely different in design.The oak holds the first place among trees and the three acorns signify the Trinity.According to legend, it was under an oak tree in AD597 that the first meeting was held between Ethelbert King of Kent and the monk Augustine when he arrived in Britain to convert the Anglo Saxons to Christianity.The simplest and most common Christian cross is the Latin cross (an upright cross, having the lower limb longer than the others) used for centuries as an emblem of the Christian faith, probably coming into use in the second or third centuries.The empty cross favoured by Protestants reminds Christians of the Resurrection while the crucifix, with the body of Jesus on it, is favoured by Catholic and Orthordox churches, and is a reminder of Christ’s Sacrifice for all.

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