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We are entering a competition to shoot a short film for Danny Elfman (The Corpse Bride, The Simpsons, A Nightmare Before Christmas) in which we have to use a piece of his music.

They will have to work together over coming obstacles to reach the stone in the garden and wish to return back to normal size.Please use for applications: Friday 29th July @ 5pm. Screentests will be held on 4th or 5th August (TBC). If the answer is yes, then New Decade wants to talk to you.We’re developing a new documentary series for RTE One television on exceptional children and their families, fronted by Emmy Award winner Baz Ashmawy.The programme hopes to follow several talented children across a range of fields, documenting their hopes and dreams as they take part in events.Shot as an observational documentary series, Baz, a father of six, wants to gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities for talented children and find out what’s involved for the parents and siblings.This is a multi media project and the team is headed up by a major label President.The bands will be developed by the teams that put groups such as The Wanted & The Saturdays together & will be working with No1 writers & producers.Please let me know ASAP if you will attend as we need a list of names of those auditioning.4/11/16 Hi guys, my name is Eamonn Tutty and I am getting in touch about a project we’re prepping.If you think you might fit the bill the creative team would like to meet with you!Please email your CV/Headshot to [email protected]& cc [email protected] We are looking for child models aged 5 – 16 years for a Back-to-School photo-call for a major retailer.

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