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She wants to relax and feel pampered so we must help her.Fill her tub with warm water, add scented bubbles and flowers and wash ... Put some flowers and bath salt in her bath, create a beautiful makeup look for this lovely girl and make sure she likes her new dress! Help a beautiful ice queen magically recover from an incident and join her to the spa for a complete makeover!Use the spa masks to heal her skin and then add makeup to enhance her natural beauty. Guide customers to open tanning chairs and leave them to their sunlight sessions. Summer just began and this two girls are already on vacation.Discover the beautiful and colorful world of manicure in Ice Queen Nails Spa. s hands are most important because they hold magic ice powers. When they get up and leave, collect the payment left on the chair. They are having a crazy trip in the cruise ship where they are having a great time. Elsa has taken a day off and she plans to spend it in the hot tube.Enter the complete spa treatment and clean her skin for a spooky fresh look. Treatment begins with washing the her face with a special s...

Barbie wants to look perfect so she needs a makeover from time to time.

Join the three funny minions and help them get ready for the party with beauty treatments. A new year of college is starting and the Frozen sisters can`t wait to attend classes, but they need a makeover!

Elsa and Anna have their very own place to live, where they can try out spa treatmen...

Find out Rapunzel's beauty secrets in a new makeover game and help the future mommy relax at the spa!

Prepare the bath with wonderful flowers, shampoo her hair and apply beauty treatments! Today is a very special day, it`s Rapunzel`s birthday and what better place to celebrate than at the spa?

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