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Where precisely, you will learn from DENIC's regional domain statistics.read more DENIC, eco - Association of the Internet Industry and the City of Hamburg to host the international congress attended by the tech community, politics, industry, and civil society, taking decisions on the core functions of the Internet.Github is currently (on 22nd of feb 2012, again on 5th of sept 2016) having some problems with pushing/pulling over ssh. you can try if https://status.github.com/ shows signs of things slowing down. You can try pushing over https by following this guide: https://help.github.com/articles/using-ssh-over-the-https-port/ This would only help if https is not affected.Two things to note: (a) The DNS server addresses to use appear in the log above, and also in the NVG510 Broadband-Status menu as "Primary DNS" and "Secondary DNS". However, from my experience (in the SF Bay Area), using Google's DNS significantly improves the network performance.

Note: from my experience, Google's DNS servers ( and perform better in the SF Bay Area.

Or if you have problems with your ssh setup you can find the ssh faq here: Other ways to flush your dns, in windows in your terminal Upon receiving a successful response, I could fetch/push to the repo with ssh.

I took that command from Git's Testing your SSH connection guide, which is part of the greater Connecting to Git Hub with with SSH guide.

I created this page while being a grad student, and Ph D students always have use for more Pizza, or books, so please consider supporting grad students at Cal, this way they can find a cure for cancer, or fix AT&T blunders.

You find them in agricultural regions and economic hotspots, in industrial parks as well as in nature reserves – domains with the German ending are registered virtually everywhere in Germany.

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