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The differences can be obvious or more subtle and reflect the used sculpt, plastic, paint or accessories (capes, weapons, etc.).

Some examples just to give you an idea how Ledy figures can differ compared to Kenner: where the figure was produced, for instance;- "China"- "Hong Kong"- "Japan"- "Macau"- "Made n China"- "Made in Hong Kong"- "Made in Macao" - "Made in Taiwan"- "Taiwan"- or no country mentioned ("no COO").

The reason Kenner did not just export figures to Mexico was because of Mexican's protectionist trading laws at that moment, stating that toys for the Mexican market had to be produced in Mexico.

Especially for the limbs (very soft plastic, less wear) no steel molds were necessary.

In this case the country designation may be 'scratched' away from the steel mould or was never applied in the first place (this is the case for the last 17 figures).

2) One more thing: Forget about the myth still being spread by some ebay sellers that a no COO is an unique identifier for Lili Ledy figures. So to give you an example: A Ben Kenobi with an extended right index finger and COO #7 in Wolff’s guide might be a Ledy figure but chances are higher it is a Kenner figure which was produced from the same steel mould.

Most likely they indicate steel moulds that travelled together and were used in parallel during production of the figures in a factory.

Therefore they do not seem to match with any other visible differences (for instance paint applications).

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