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Jason indicates that with these troubled times many people are worried about preserving the past.

The Baldwin sisters suggest they share their relics of the past with the community.

Miss Mamie and Miss Emily find a document they believe to be the oldest one they possess.

Elizabeth reminds her brother that John-Boy wrote about the things he knew and cared about.At Ike's store Miss Mamie and Miss Emily discuss with Corabeth, Ike, and Mary Ellen their plans to 'salute and preserve the past' in a Founders' Day.The special event would be a gathering of all families who first settled the area.Grandma walks over to Jason and indicates her choice.Everyone agrees that Jason's composition is perfect for the day of remembering.This synopsis is dedicated to Ellen Corby who passed away on April 16, 1999 at the age of eighty-seven years.Ellen Corby was born in Racine, Wisconsin as Ellen Hansen.Elizabeth does not understand the title Polyphonic Overture; thinking it sounds too stuffy.Adding to Jason's frustration, Ben and Cindy are loudly talking in the living room.The uncertainty Jason has been facing lifts as he asks Elizabeth to listen to an unfinished composition that focuses on familiar surroundings.Jason has found his way as he erases the old title, renaming the new composition Appalachian Portrait.

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