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Stop at Wrocław University with its ornate Baroque Aula Leopolidina constructed in the 18th century, bedecked with paintings, sculpture, and gold-plated stuccoes.Visit to “People’s Hall”, a modernist concert hall by Max Weber (1913), with a capacity of 6000 seats.

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Continue to Książ, the 13th century fortress of the Piast Dukes and the seat of Von Hochberg family since the 16th century.

Visit to two grottoes in Raven Rocks (Krucze Skały).

Visit to Wang Temple – a wooden church constructed in Norway in the 13th century, brought here in 1841 by Frederick Wilhelm.

More information and details can be found on the website.

As a result of several years of work, an agreement was signed in Zittau (Germany) between our University and Technische Universität Dresden, IHI Zittau.

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